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I have just got all of my wisdom teeth out I wanted people to know that
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Chapter 8: A Grim Reminder

            I got out of bed. Just in time to see my BBBFF leave. “…Dad has to go do something. He got a call, so he left.” Exposited Snowdrop before looking out the window in worry.

            On my way to school I heard some girls gossiping. “When I looked, I saw three police cars zooming by.”  Said the girl with the red umbrella. “You live by the police station, don’t you? Did you hear anything?” Questioned the girl with the white umbrella. “I heard some yelling, but nothing more. Total disappointment.” Replied Red. “Geez, you need to pay more attention to stuff like that. How else are we supposed to get the juicy stories?” Reprimanded White. I really don’t care, I have connections. And besides, when you’re my kind of crazy you just discover things easily. Sirens begin to fill the air. I guess there was some sort of incident. I better pick up the pace.

            In the afternoon, we were all called in for an assembly. I wonder the assembly is about? Rainbow Dash brings up Fluttershy’s absence, while Pinkie is being more secretive than usual. “Alright everyone, the assembly is about to begin.” Ms. Yearling calls us to attention. “First a word from the principal.” Our Principal, who looks more fit for the mayor’s office, then proceeded to say her piece. “I... regret to say I have some bad news for all of you. One of our third- year students, Mr. Cheese Sandwich… has passed away.” Wait what!? He passed away? Just a few days after the announcer lady died? I’m at a loss for words. Pinkie, meanwhile, looks like she got a steamroller dropped on her. I don’t blame her, she seemed to be very interested in Mr. Sandwich. “Mr. Sandwich was found deceased early this morning… the reasons behind his passing are currently under investigation by the police. If they ask you for your cooperation, I urge you as students of this school to provide only the facts.” The Principal stopped for a moment. Everyone around me starts to mutter stuff that the voice in my head is urging me to ignore. “All right, please quiet down… I have been assured by the faculty that there’s been no evidence that bullying was involved in the incident. So mind what you say, not only to the police but to anyone who asks…” The Principal concluded. “Found dead…? How could this happen…?” Rainbow questioned before turning to the catatonic Pinkie. The Principal continues her address.

            After the assembly, I was walking with Rainbow Dash when we heard some girls chatting about the incident. “He died the same way as that announcer, right? That’s so creepy…” One girl asked. “Well, last time, it from an antenna, but this time it was from a telephone pole.” Replied the other girl. “It’s got to be a serial murder case…” She concluded. The rumor loving girl mentioned poison, but the other girl wasn’t having it. They then mentioned the Lunar Channel, and how they saw Cheese Sandwich on it. The rumor lover dismissed it, invoking a sad laugh out of my inner voice. I wonder what it found so funny? “The irony, how someone who thought that Cheese Sandwich person was poisoned would dismiss an urban legend that you know to be real.” Okay, I’ll admit that is ironic. The girls leave. Rainbow is miffed. “Sheesh, it’s easy to toss around theories if you’re not personally involved…” She said. Sadly she’s not exactly wrong. Pinkie catches up. “Hey… did you girls check out the TV last night?” She asked. “Pinkie! Not you too!” Snapped Rainbow. “Just listen for a sec!” Pinkie snapped back before continuing. “Something kept bothering me, so… I watched it again, and… I think the boy on the screen was Cheese Sandwich.” What… “There’s no mistaking it… Cheese looked like… he was running from something… and then… he disappeared from the screen.” Pinkie exposits. “You heard Cheese’s body was found in a similar situation as that announcer’s, right…? Well, remember that guy you told us about? How he was excited that his soulmate was the announcer? Maybe… just maybe, but… Ms. Fleur might’ve been on that Lunar Channel before she died, too.’” Pinkie proposed. Rainbow chimes. “So you’re saying… people who appear on that TV… die…?” She asks. “Can’t say for sure. But like Twilight said, the fact that they were on the Lunar Channel before they died is no coincidence.” Pinkie replied. “Plus remember what that dragon thing said? How that place was dangerous, and we should leave before the fog clears…? It also said that someone‘s been throwing people in there. And that room with the posters… it has to have something to do with the announcer’s death.” Pinkie argued. She isn’t wrong, I can confirm that since I had that same theory. “I mean… don’t you think there’s some kind of connection there? Couldn’t that world in the TV have something to do with Cheese and Fleur’s death!? What do you think Twilight?” She proposed before asking me. “You’re right, Pinkie, this is no coincidence.” I tell her. “So it’s not just me huh? Well, if there is a connection, then it’s a safe bet that the two of them went inside that world. That would explain the posters in that room. Which means… if we look around, we might find a place that has something to do with Cheese, too.” She concludes. Rainbow is not liking the direction of this conversation. “Pinkie, don’t tell me…” The tomboy asks. “Yeah… I’m thinking about going in again. I want to find out for myself.” Pinkie replied. “Don’t do this… you should let the police handle this and—“ Rainbow stammered, trying to dissuade Pinkie. “You think we can rely on the police!? They have made ZERO progress on the announcer’s case. Besides, if we told them, they’ll just think we have chuunibyou! If I’m off-base with this, that’s fine! I just need to know why Cheese had to die like this.” Pinkie replied. “Pinkie…” Rainbow lamented. “After what I’ve seen and what I’ve put together, there’s no way I can ignore it now…” Pinkie than looks at me. “Sorry… but you’re the only person who can help me. I’m going to go get ready. I’ll be waiting for you at the Sugarcube Corner.” Pinkie tells me before bolting off. So I have been asked to help investigate Cheese’s death. Rainbow goes off about understanding how Pinkie feels and not knowing if we’ll make a safe return. Hey voice! What’s your view on the matter? “We should go help her… after all she won’t be happy until she finds out what happened.” That sounds like a good yet callous idea. I like it. I tell Rainbow my decision and we head to the Sugarcube Corner.

Persona 4 Equestria Girls
The one nearing the Awakening.
Now maybe I can get back to work on my story.

Chapter 7: The Backside of the TV

We went to the Sugarcube Corner to look at the TVs. “Wow, this is huge! And… Holy frijoles, it’s expensive! Who buys this stuff?” Yelled an appalled Rainbow Dash. “I don’t know… Rich folks?” Pinkie replies. “Honestly, not many people shop for TVs here. That’s why we don’t have clerks around.” Pinkie explained. “Huh… Not worth trying then, I guess. Well, at least looking’s free.” Rainbow Dash comments. Pinkie then places her hand on the TV. “Nope, can’t get in. Figures.” Pinkie said. “This proves it. It was all just a dream.” Rainbow Dash comments. They then proceed to look for a cheaper TV. Well it seems that I’m the only one who can cause this burst of quantum physics. I could probably create a bigger quantum tunnel with this TV.  I stick my hand into the TV and it passes through. Pinkie speaks up. “Oh yeah, Twilight, what kind of TV do you—“ She then realizes my show of quantum physics. “Is something wrong Pinkie?” Rainbow Dash asks before realizing my situation. “I-Is her arm… in the TV…?” Pinkie managed to sputter. Rainbow Dash is at a loss for words. “Is that some kinda… new model? L-Like with a new function?” She asks. “Heck no!” Pinkie replies. They run over to me. “You gotta be kidding me… Did you really stick your hand through the screen?” Rainbow Dash questioned. “Oh man… this is for real… That’s some magic, girl! So how’s it work, huh!? What’s the magician’s secret!?” Pinkie says, darn well astonished. Maybe I can put more than just my arm. I stick my head into the TV. “H-Hey, don’t do that! What’re you doing!?” Pinkie shouts. “Oh my gosh!” Rainbow Dash stammers out. “There’s an empty space in here!” I tell them. “Wh-What do you mean, “in here”!?” Pinkie stutters. “Wh-What do you mean “empty space”!?” Rainbow Dash asks. “It’s very spacious.” I reply. “Wh-What do you mean spacious!?” Asked Pinkie. “I mean, what’s going on!?” Rainbow Dash shouts. The rest becomes incomprehensible but I could decipher “I’ve got to take care of business! Oh crud, customers our coming!” From Pinkie. And “But we have a girl half stuck in the TV!” From Rainbow Dash. Then suddenly felt my footing give way as I started to fall into forever!

    Then I landed with a *THUMP* onto a hard surface. It was very foggy but I could see the silhouettes of Pinkie and Rainbow Dash. “I landed right on my wallet!” Said Pinkie. “Where are we? Are we still in the Sugarcube Corner?” Rainbow Dash questions. “Um, no! We fell through a TV! Actually what is going on?” Pinkie replied. “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” I conclude. “So… we’re still alive… right?” Asked Rainbow. “Are you guys okay?” I ask. “I think I misplaced my tailbone…” A pained Pinkie answered. “Of course you would!” Replied Rainbow Dash. Pinkie looks around before exclaiming: “Whoa!” “Wh-What now!? Did you have an accident!?” A startled Rainbow Dash responded. “No, silly! Look around!” Pinkie rebutted. I look around, we seem to be in a studio of sorts. This is like something out of a British sci-fi show. “What’re we gonna do…?” Asked Rainbow Dash. “Let’s go home.” I answer. “Good Plan!” The Rainbow Haired girl replied. Of course there is some complications, as in how do we even get home? The logical thing to do right now would be to explore as a group. But first I should rally Pinkie and Rainbow Dash. “Let’s calm down.” I tell them. “You’re right. Let’s calm down and think about this.” A recollected Pinkie replies. “We need to find a way out.” She states in a surprisingly rational way. “Is there really a way out of here?” Rainbow Dash asked. “We got in… so we must be able to get out somehow.” Pinkie answered. “Why don’t we look around?” I propose. Everyone agrees.

    After a lot of walking we come to some buildings of sorts. This world is all kinds of illogical. We simply continue until we enter some sort of room. “Hey, is it me or is the fog lighter here?” Pinkie asked. Pinkie checks her phone and receives no service. Rainbow Dash catches up to us, and we see more of the room. Specifically, the walls are littered with deformed pictures and blood splatters. Than Pinkie goes nuts. “Darn it! I can’t take it! I seriously have to take care of business!” She exclaims before running to a wall. Wait a minute. “You’re going here?” Rainbow Dash speaks my mind for me. Pinkie asks us to turn around, but ultimately can’t do it. Thank god. I mean, I once slept with my brother I was a kid and even I didn’t want to see that. With that out of the way, Rainbow Dash addresses the elephant in the room. “What’s with this room? I mean check out these posters… the face is cut out. Someone must really hate this person.” Pinkie then brings our attention to another object in the room. “Girls… this chair and rope… that kind of arrangement is never good…” She said while assessing the arrangement. “I’m with you Pinkie.” Was my reply. “This seems to imply that someone committed suicide by hanging.” I summarize. “Come on let’s go back to where we came from, and look for an exit somewhere else...” Rainbow Dash interjects, officially done with this spooky place. We prepare head out before Pinkie stopped to look at one of the posters. “I Pinkie swear that I’ve seen this poster before…” She said. “We can talk about that later! Let’s go! I’m literally sick of this place!” Rainbow Dash interrupted before rubbing her eyes as if she’s about to fall asleep. “Now that you mention it, I’m pretty party pooped myself…” Pinkie replied before putting a hand on her forehead. I do feel pretty heavy. Maybe it has something to do with the atmosphere of this strange place.

    Eventually we made it back to the studio we came in from. Rainbow Dash noticed a mysterious figure heading towards us. When it finally became visible, I could process what it is. It appeared to be some sort of purple, bipedal, draconic lizard that seems to be the size of your average middle school kid. “What in the world?” Pinkie exclaimed finally breaking the ice. “That’s what I want to know! Who are you girls?” The creature replied, with a voice that makes its gender hard to decipher. Rainbow gasped. “It talked!!” She exclaimed. “Uhh… what are you!? You want to fight!?” She continued. The creature cowered upon hearing Rainbow’s threat.  Perhaps a much nicer approach would yield more efficient results. “Would you mind telling us what you are and why you’re here?” I ask the creature nicely. “I’m a dragon. Can’t you tell? I live here by myself. I’ve always lived here. It doesn’t have a name.” It replied, answering all of my proposed questions along with some bonus questions. We all take the chance to glance at each other. “So… this is you home?” Pinkie asked. Well if it said that it lives here, doesn’t that mean this place also counts as its home? “If I were you, I’d get back to the other side.” The creature advised, completely brushing off Pinkie’s question. “Someone has been throwing people in here. It’s a big headache.” It continued. I take this opportunity to continue my 20 questions. “So people from our side have been here before? Do you know who did it?” I ask. “I dunno who’s doing it! I just want them to think before they go doing things like that!” It replies. Rainbow decides to yell at it about things that it already answered, and it proceeds to hide behind me. Uh… it does know I’m not its cool big sis. “I already told you. Anyways, you should head back.” It responded, first to the neon haired firebrand, and then to us as a group. “Hey now! We want to get out of here as much as you us to! It’s just that we don’t know how!” Pinkie ranted. Yare yare daze. The creature is as fed up as I am. “That’s why I’m saying I’ll let you out!” It shouted. Before Pinkie or Rainbow can rant I motion them to kindly shut up. “So, mystery creature, do you know how to make us a way back?” I ask. The creature nodded and tapped the floor a couple of times. Suddenly, a bunch of old style TVs popped out of nowhere. “What the heck!?” Pinkie asked in disbelief. “Where did these TVs come from!?” Rainbow asked in equal amounts of disbelief. We all walk in front of the screen. “Okay, now, go, go, and get outta here! I’m a busy dragon!” The dragon than pushed us into the TVs.

    We landed inside the Sugarcube Corner. We seem to have exited that strange world. Suddenly the store intercom jingled to life. “Attention, shoppers. Our daily limited-time sale will now begin at the side dish area on the first floor. Why not try the delicious fresh produce Sugarcube picked for you this morning as your side dish for dinner tonight? All ages are invited to take advantage of this incredible bargain!” Pinkie looked at us. “Wow, it’s already that?” She asks in surprise. “Looks like we were in there for quite awhile…” Rainbow replied. Pinkie then turned her attention to somewhere else. “Aha, I knew it!” She exclaims. “What is it?” Asked Rainbow Dash. Pinkie directed our attention to the poster. “Oh! I get it! That’s the same poster we saw in that TV world! That is Octavia, without a doubt. The cellist is all over the net. Something about a close friend having an affair with the announcer lady who died.” Rainbow Dash exposited. “I have a theory that the room is connected to Fleur’s death, but that’s just baseless speculation.” I comment. “Can we just not talk about this?” Pinkie proposed and for good reason. We all decided to drop the conversation.

    After having an awkward dinner with Shining Armor, I go to bed. The events of today fresh in my mind and body. Like yesterday, my only source of comfort is the voice in my head. “Rest my child, let the events of today be nothing more than a dream.” It says. But I still don’t know what it is. I should just stop thinking for a moment and just sleep.

Persona 4 Equestria Girls
Probably my longest chapter as of now.

Dear Senpai stealer,


            I wanted to send you this friendly little email to inform you of your imminent demise. If you’re curious about the frequency of which I’ve sent these emails, it’s simply to instill as much fear as I can. Not unlike a hungry wolf stalks her prey.


Just remember.


It would be very easy to make your death look like a suicide. Stay away from Senpai. :iconangryplz:


Follow me on the social network at AyanoAishi! :P


Sincerely, Yandere-chan

I have just got all of my wisdom teeth out I wanted people to know that
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